Since September 2020, QHarmony is being conducted by Henk-Jan Heijnen.

Henk-Jan Heijnen started his trumpet lessons at the music school in Winterswijk when he was 8 years old and switched to euphonium after a few years. In 1989, he was admitted to the University of the Arts in Enschede with a studies in Music in Education with Euphonium. In 1991, he started a studies in Music in Education with Trombone.

In 1994, he acquired his diploma in Music in Education with Euphonium and started his studies Brass Band Conducting with Gert Buitenhuis. In 1996 he acquired his diploma Music in Education with Trombone and transferred to the University of the Arts of Brabant in Tilburg. Here he studied Brass Band Conducting with Jan Cober and acquired his diploma in 1998. In 2003, Henk-Jan was admitted to the Messiaen Academy for the second phase of his Brass Band Conducting studies with Hennie Ramaekers. In July 2005 he successfully finished these studies.

Currently, Henk-Jan is working as a conductor with several other orchestras and project orchestras. With these orchestras, he acquired several promotions and national titles.

In addition to his work as (guest)conductor, Henk-Jan is teaching brass-instruments with several associations and is the initiator and conductor of the Oost Gelders Youth Orchestra (OGJO) and the TOP-orchestra.